Whatever your video requirements, Monitor Controls, Inc. has the proper equipment and necessary software to ensure your home or business is adequately surveyed.

Below are several videos which give an overview of how our Video Surveillance products can help you.

Monitor Controls, Inc. sells and installs Avigilon Video Cameras

Bosch Flexidome from Monitor Controls, Inc.

Monitor Controls, Inc. sells and installs HIK Vision cameras

See how this system handles intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance to deliver increased facility security with automated functions for easy operation.

Essential Video Analytics is the ideal analytics solution for small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, warehouses and logistics depots.

Intelligent Video Analytics is specifically designed for the most demanding environments, ideal for mission-critical applications like the perimeter protection. This is handled with the alarm rule “line crossing;” monitoring if someone or something crosses one or more imaginary lines.

Starlight technology is the gold standard in low light video performance. It provides clear and relevant images regardless of lighting conditions, time-of-day, or object movement. Combined with built-in video analytics, starlight cameras can substantially improve levels of security.

Intelligent Tracking: wouldn’t it be great if your security cameras understood what they see? Your camera system could automatically trigger alarms and alert you when needed.
In this video, intelligent tracking of moving objects is shown.

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