Q: Why is my keypad beeping?

A: Congratulations! Your alarm system is doing exactly what it should in this situation. Your alarm system is advising you that it has found trouble with the telephone line. This beeping can indicate the telephone line is out or that the alarm system tried to send its daily communications test and could not.

Q: Can my alarm system wear out from over-use?

A: Like any device used on a regular basis, alarm components can wear out. The most frequently used device, your keypad, can start to stick after several years of using the same combination codes. Even smoke detectors can get too dirty to operate properly. At the first sign of any sluggish behavior, contact our service department to have the device tested. Sometimes adjustment or cleaning is all that is needed.

Q: How do I know if my alarm system is working properly?

A: First, you should be arming and disarming it daily. If you notice any problems with entering your combination or if you have difficulty arming or disarming, call our service department immediately or contact us online.

Second, false alarms from the same zones or devices can be a sign of a faulty alarm component. Since most towns charge fines for multiple false alarms, contact our service department to schedule an appointment to determine the cause of the alarm.

Finally, but most importantly, you should test your alarm system monthly. Feel free to contact our service department for instructions on how to test your system properly.

Q: What is the quickest way to have questions about my alarm system answered?

A: Every alarm system manufacturer makes a user’s manual available. Unlike manuals from years past, today’s manuals are very user-friendly. To view a user manual for the most common systems we support, click here. Of course, we always have licensed technicians on call who would be happy to answer any of your questions. Click here to contact us online.

Q: Do I really need to have an annual inspection performed?

A: Local, State’s and Federal code requirements differ. Some require quarterly inspections, some annual, some every 3 years. We customize your inspection cycle to meet or exceed these code requirements. If you receive a postcard in the mail, or an e-mail reminder then you should have it done!

Q: I am thinking about switching telephone providers for my phone service. What questions should I ask?


  • Does the new provider know you have a security or fire alarm system? If no, please advise them in advance.
  • Does the new provider know where to look for the alarm system phone line wiring? If no, contact our office in advance and we can provide you with direction.
  • Following the conversion and before your new provider leaves your location, test your system. Call our office to inform us you will be testing. Arm your system and set off all of your devices. Reset your alarm and call our office to ensure all of the devices/zones reported properly.

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